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Natalia Siwiec

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Date of Birth:August 1, 1983

Birthname:Natalia Siwiec

Nickname: Natalia Siwiec

Hometown:Walbrzych, Poland


Astral sign: Leo

Height:1.70 m

Profession: Model


Natalia Siwiec is a polish fashion model .

Appeared in the pages of magazines: Maxim (Germany), CKM (Poland), Playboy (Poland), Esquire (Turkey), Playboy (Brazil).

In 2003 she became Miss Lower Silesia .

In July 2005 she represented Poland at the election of Miss Bikini of the Universe in China, where he won the titles of Miss Bikini Of China Gate , and Miss Photo . She also appeared in the video the band The third dimension, "Three-dimensional business."

In 2006 she represented Poland at the election of Miss International Tourism in South Africa. ( Durban ) where he won the title "The best body".

In 2008 she appeared in the video "Superlover" team Groovebusterz.

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